Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #196

Swamp Jacuzzi Saturday Matinee Opener
Lyres- Swing Shift
The Real Kids- Senselass
DJ Biggie Boutte- Boweevil On Electrophonic Tonic
The Devil Dogs_ Shakey Sue
The Gun Club- Fire Spirit
The Mad Shadows- Child Of The Moon
Dynamite Platoon- I’m Rowed Out

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #195

Swamp Jacuzzi Saturday Matinee Opening
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys- Dancing Without Understanding
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins- Alligator Wine
Sonic’s Rendevous Band- City Slang
Slobberbone- Lumberlung
The Carter Administration- Tomorrow’s Whiskey Today
The DT’s- Sweet Words
Rod Hamdallah- Heartbeat
Son Volt- Sometimes You’ve Got To Stop Chasing Rainbows
Angela Tini- Have You Met Me Yet?
The Brain Eaters- Beaver Fever
The Downhauls- Don’t Care
Bottle Rockets- Welfare Music
Beaver Nelson- A Friend From Out Of Town
Roy & The Devils Motorcycle- Learn To Lose
The Lizardmen- Mind On Fire
The 2:19- No Smoke No Fire
Killer Kin- Sonic Love
Mary Jane- Robot Man
Slobberbone- That Is All

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #194

Steve Earl- Fuck The FCC
The Short Fuses- Drop The Needle
Joe Buck Yourself- Who Dat
DMZ- Baby Boom
The Chesterfield Kings- Come Back Angeline
The Crawdaddys- I’m Dissatisfied
Thee Headcoats Sect- Mean Red Spider
Ghostfinger- Moon
Suicide- Ghost River
The Courettes- I’ve Been Walking
The Makers- Long Love
John Paul Keith- Love Love Love
Michael Acree & The Church Street Sound- White’s Creek
Bohannons- Dance On The Grave Of Bobby Lee
Luke Seymoup- Mary Jane
The Downhauls- Hazy Shade Of Winter
The Eyes- I’m Rowed Out

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #193

The Swampadelic Saturday Matinee

The Oblivians- Call The Police
Melvins- I Fuck Around
Dex Romweber- Comin’ Home
Duane Dopsie & The Zydeco Hellraisers- It’s Been A Long Time
Duane Jarvis- A Girl That’s Hip
Dexateens- Bleeding Heart Disease
Handsome Jack- A Good Thing
Bohannons- Ride The Night
The Hi-End- Heart Of The City
Shanda & The Howlers- Want You Anyway
Rod Hamdallah- Carry You Home
Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons- Shit
The Pip Squeeks- My Baby’s Cruel
Lyres- How Do You Know
Tell-Tale Hearts- She’s Not What Love Is For
The Chesterfield Kings- Baby Doll
Thee Headcoats- Ballad of Fogbound Pinhead
April March & The Makers- I Just Might Crack
Del Reeves- Women Do Funny Things To Me
Pine Leaf Boys- Pour La Derniere’ Fois
Canary Sect- I’m Rowed Out

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #192

The Oblivians- Call The Police
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion- Ghetto
Ghetto Ways- Camaro Creep
Born Liars- She Does It Right
Bohannons- Sense It Out
Krayolas- Pleasant Valley Sunday
Muck & The Mires- Break It All
Dex Romweber- Good This Going
Messerschmitt- Snowflake
Highway 61- Stranger
The Horse Heads- Ur Boi
John Paul Keith- Leave Them Girls Alone
Kathy Lynn & The Playboys- I Got A Guy
Johnny Horton- I’m Coming Home
Hindu Love Gods- Wang Dang Doodle
Dr Feelgood- Baby Jane
Dirtbombs- Ode To A Black Man
Dynamite Platoon- I’m Rowed Out

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE # 191

The Oblivians- Call The Police
The Cavestompers- Beat & Rock’N’Roll
Left Lane Cruiser- Booga Chaka
Hayes Carll- Drunken Poets Dream
Pokey LaFarge- Something In The Water
Boozoo Chavis- I’m Ready Me
Boozoo Chavis- Dance All Night
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys- Dance All Night
Kermit Ruffins & The Rebirth Brass Band- Make Way For The Rebirth
Lazy Lester- Bloodstains On The Wall
Amyl & The Sniffers- Gacked On Anger
The Bloody Hollies- Watch Your Head
Subhumans- Mickey Mouse Is Dead
Dead Kennedys- Police Truck
Viagra Boys- Punk Rock Loser
Canary Sect- I’m Rowed Out

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #190

The Oblivians- Call The Police
Cedric Watson- La Vielle Chanson De Mardi Gras
Slobberbone- Placemat Blues
Husker Du- Eight Miles High
The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs- One More Drink
Bone Haus- Pentagram Love
Juniper- Bang
The Cynics- Dancing On The Wall
Trixie & The Trainwrecks- Too Good To Be Blue
Rattanson- Dancing On The Head Of Snakes
Hans Condor- Suck At Your Job
Viagra Boys- Troglodyte
IDLES- I’m Scum
Black Diamond Heavies- Hambone
Chesterfield Kings- Yesterdays Sorrow
Canary Sect- I’m Rowed Out

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #189

The Oblivians- Call The Police
The Nips ‘N’ Nipple Erectors- All The Time In The World
The Record Company- Feels So Good
James McMurty- What’s The Matter
Pine Leaf Boys- Pour Toi Et Juste Pour Toi
Cedric Watson- La Valse De Grand Basile
Shocking Blue- Mighty Joe
Glossary- Headstones & Dead Leaves
Tiger Army- Where The Moss Slowly Grows
Lyres- I Love Her Still, I Always Will
The Mooney Suzuki- I Say I Love You
Slobberbone- Stumblin’
Greg ‘Stackhouse’ Prevost- Death Don’t Have No Mercy
Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders- Failure Is My Name
Canary Sect- I’m Rowed Out

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #188

Swingin’ Neckbreakers- Rip It Up
Definition Of Love
Mighty Mack
I’m The Mailman
Little Miss Copycat
Rip It Up, Rip It Up
Help Wanted
Take You Life
I’m In A Band
Better Times
Action Kid
My Guitar
So Less
Thinkin’ Man’s Girl
Down On Your Knees
Pool Hoppin”
Same All Over The World
Hail To The Baron
Ice Water
Little Pink Medicine
Daddy’s Little Girl
I Wanna Be Your Driver
I Live For Buzz
Let’s Have A Jam
You Stole Love
So Good
Us Against The World
Can’t Stop

Swamp Jacuzzi LIVE #187

Brendon Benson- The Swamp
Scott Morgan- Pirate Music
Legendary Shack-Shakers- Curse of the Cajun Queen
Broadway Lafayette- Angola Dreams- Ou est Tu
Nikki Hill- Heavy Hearts. Hard Fists
The Cynics- You Must Be A Witch
Hoodoo Gurus- Hang With the Girls
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers- Nothin’ Feels Right, But Doin’ Wrong
The Bohannons- Dias Des Los Muertos
Acid Fascists- All Kinds of Twisted
Evan Johns & The H-Bombs- Oh New Orleans
Junior Wells- Hoodoo Man
Greg ‘Steakhouse’ Prevost- Ramblin’ On My Mind
Nick Curran & The Lowlifes- Heeby Jeebies
Patt Todd & The Rankoutsiders- If Only I Fly Backwards In Time